This page documents all the features and changes included in the latest beta release. As xpcv is still under active development and testing, we’re continuously increasing both available features and stability. Therefore this document is frequently updated. Please see section Changelog below for further details on changes between releases.

For detailed information on how to use xpcv, please refer to the Documentation page.

System Requirements

Operating System

On your host machine you can use any OS that allows you to write an SD card image. See here for instructions. The SD image itself includes the yocto poky distribution.


The image is running on Raspberry 2.

Disk space

The image needs at least a 1 GB SD card. If you would like to store additional data, than use a lager one.


Memory requirements depend on the project to be run, especially on the resolution of processed video data. For simple projects the 1024 MB memory of the Raspberry Pi is enough. For more complex projects, please think about splitting the algorithm over multiple platforms using the plugin RemoteServiceClient.

Latest Release

XPCV 1.0 beta SD image was released on 24th of March 2016.

Plugins Included

  • AutoContrastAdjustment
  • CameraInput
  • ColorConversion
  • ColorMap
  • FeatureMatcher
  • GaussianFilter
  • ImageDisplay
  • ImageFileInput
  • ImageFileOutput
  • Initializer
  • LinearSpatialFilter
  • MatrixConcatenator
  • MatrixConverter
  • MatrixCropping
  • MatrixMasking
  • MatrixMergeChannels
  • MatrixResize
  • MatrixSplitChannels
  • MedianFilter
  • MorphologicalOperation
  • OpticalFlowDraw
  • OpticalFlowLK
  • OpticalFlowPyramid
  • PerspectiveTransformation
  • RemoteServiceClient
  • ShiftRegister
  • SobelFilter
  • TemplateMatching
  • Threshold

Known Issues

  • Nothing reported.


No previous version.